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Empowering Leaders, Shaping Futures

A transformative leader, speaker and communicator, Kerry’s expertise transcends industries to shape the teams of tomorrow. Offering authentic connection and strategic guidance, Kerry empowers others through inclusion and inspiring leadership.

Leading with Vision and Impact

Combining transformative leadership, empowering outreach and dynamic engagement, Kerry drives meaningful change and continuous growth.

Transformative Leader

Drives organisational success by fostering a culture of innovation, accountability and continuous improvement, aligning strategic vision with action, to achieve lasting results.

Empowering Speaker

Passionately champions diversity, inclusion, and ethical leadership, fostering environments where every voice is valued and empowered.

Dynamic Communicator

Engages audiences with contagious enthusiasm, effectively conveying complex ideas with clarity and motivating others to embrace new challenges and solutions.

About Kerry

Sought-after advisor, speaker and thought leader, Kerry is dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses alike to realise their full potential. With a career spanning over two decades, Kerry has made significant contributions in diverse sectors, including higher education, sales, marketing and most recently, e-commerce. Driven by the sentiment that “you won’t get what you want until others get what they need”, Kerry empowers organisations to revamp their sales and customer service strategies to meet evolving market demands. 

Through her mentorship, speaking engagements and media appearances, Kerry continues to shape the landscape of modern leadership, leaving her mark on industries and communities in Australia and abroad. In her current role as CEO of The Chooze Shop, Kerry has been a driving force behind innovative solutions for the disability and aged care sectors. Her leadership extends beyond traditional responsibilities, focusing on infrastructural reforms, business reengineering and championing continuous growth and ethical leadership. Under her guidance, The Chooze Shop has become a pioneering platform for assistive technology, championing community advocacy and inclusivity. 

Beyond the boardroom, Kerry is an avid reader, cattle dog enthusiast and passionate conversationalist regarding a wealth of topics including digital literacy, AI and team dynamics. Known for her unwavering commitment to social responsibility, Kerry champions diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of her work, striving to create environments where every voice is heard and valued. Whether advocating for sustainability initiatives or supporting charitable causes, Kerry believes in using influence for the greater good.

Kerry in the Media

From thought-provoking insights to strategic expertise, explore a selection of op-eds, podcasts and other media appearances to see how Kerry is shaping conversations and inspiring meaningful change through transformative thought leadership.

Human Resources Director

Are organisations really facing ‘barriers’ when it comes to digital inclusion? The steps to becoming a digitally inclusive workplace are simple, but fear and ignorance might be holding employers back from carrying them out.


The Chooze Shop is an Amazon-like marketplace where customers can buy NDIS-approved goods – everything from toys to mobility aids.

The Big Smoke Media

Things have slowed down in many industries given what time of year we’re in. (On that note, bring on 2024, we say!) It’s certainly been a turbulent year for many with rate rises, AI-assisted business developments, and evolutions in the ecommerce space.

Transparent and Transformative Leadership





Kerry's Blog

Addressing Digital Accessibility: How Australia Can Become a More Digitally Inclusive Nation

Meet Kerry Kingham: Fulfilling Needs Leads to Success

As Kerry always says: “you won’t get what you want, until others get what they need”. Gain firsthand insight into Kerry’s dynamic leadership style, visionary approach and unwavering commitment to empowering others for success.

Client Testimonials

 Get to know Kerry through the words of those she’s helped. Discover her transformative impact as her clients shine a light on her inspiring leadership, inclusive nature and thoughtful guidance.

“Highly self-aware, consistently high-performing and accountable are a few characteristics of Kerry, but what makes her unique is a keen eye for drawing out the strengths of others and making them acutely aware of their blind spots, which makes Kerry ideal for the leadership development space. When I’m kicking off new projects, Kerry is always in my dream team list for her ability to think big picture, yet narrow that vision down into tangible KPIs for targeted outcomes.”

Alicia Stanway

“Kerry has demonstrated, over the more than 10 years I have worked with her, so many diverse qualities. These include transparent and transformative leadership, the ability to consistently understand why people are an important asset…Kerry is extraordinarily resilient, in the time we have worked together she is never one to shy away from a challenge and is always upskilling and developing…Kerry always goes over and above and has put others’ wellbeing ahead of her own. I personally feel very fortunate to have Kerry mentor me over the years, her patience and inclusive nature has been instrumental in my own development…”

Robert Kerrison (2022)

“Kerry is a transformational leader, she inspires her team and the people around her. I have had the privilege of working with Kerry for 4 years and in that time, I have seen Kerry lead and grow teams into larger successful teams, run many projects and implement successful change…she is personable, humble and someone I could always go to as a mentor. Kerry is positive, hard-working and a great role model. I would recommend Kerry to work in any business in a senior leadership role and I would definitely work with Kerry again.”

Vicki Dunkley

“Kerry helped me to recognise my areas of growth in leadership and gave me the tools to make effective changes to my leadership style in order to get better outcomes from myself and my team. Not only is she skilful as an educator but she also guides her students to learn from lived experiences as well as the leadership theory that she expertly explains and coaches. I only wish Kerry taught other subjects as well as I progress through my MBA.”

Kiarne Greener

“Kerry has inspired me to break through my usual way of thinking about how I run my business. As I slowly move off the tools, I really needed some guidance on how to keep my business running profitably, with me now becoming less hands on. Kerry has given me practical methods and tactics to set and achieve goals and I am excited to keep moving forward. Thanks, Kerry and look forward to our next meeting.”

Shane Pope