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Explore Kerry's thought-provoking op-eds, podcasts and media appearances and see firsthand how she's sparking meaningful conversations and driving change through transformative thought leadership.

Human Resources Director

Are organisations really facing ‘barriers’ when it comes to digital inclusion? The steps to becoming a digitally inclusive workplace are simple, but fear and ignorance might be holding employers back from carrying them out.


The Chooze Shop is an Amazon-like marketplace where customers can buy NDIS-approved goods – everything from toys to mobility aids.

The Big Smoke Media

Things have slowed down in many industries given what time of year we’re in. (On that note, bring on 2024, we say!) It’s certainly been a turbulent year for many with rate rises, AI-assisted business developments, and evolutions in the ecommerce space.

HR Leader

The vital yet often under-discussed realm of work health and safety is a must-know for employers and employees. Education and clarity in this area help protect people in the workplace and avoid legal issues.


Effective communication skills are essential in your career. Each Monday, join Dr Elena Paweta, executive communication coach and TEDx organiser, as she interviews business leaders and entrepreneurs on business communication, leadership and building relationships. If you want to progress in your career, become more charismatic and impactful leader, or just want to hear advice from top business leaders, this is the podcast for you.